Lawsuits – Bankruptcies – Divorces

By Investigative Journalist D.E. Alexander

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Best Selling Investigative Journalist D.E. Alexander takes a look at the long history of bankruptcies involving Donald Trump businesses as well as the myriad of lawsuits involving Donald Trump from the DOJ Civil Rights lawsuit for discrimination to the newest Fraud Case by the NY AGO.

Alexander also unearths the fact that Trump isn’t even the family name of Donald Trump. The truth is his Grandfather was a notorious owner of a brothel in the 19th Century Gold Rush in California who changed the family name to Trump. His grandfather was deported from Germany as a draft dodger and tax evader. Sounds just like the Donald. Records indicate that his grandfather also was involved in running an opium den in California and that is where the original ‘Trump Fortune’ came from, the earnings of prostitutes working his brothel and drug users smoking opium in his establishment.

This book has court documents involving Donald Trump and his businesses as well as the complaint of FRAUD against TRUMP UNIVERSITY by the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

The TRUMP U FRAUD CASE is a bombshell case that threatens to derail the Trump bid to be elected President of the United States.

In this book is the SEC charges that Trump is a FRAUD as well as the DOJ civil rights case where Trump was sued for not renting to black tenants.

Also covered is the longest case in the history of the Federal Court where it was litigated, a case involving Donald Trump and illegal aliens that were involved in the construction of Trump Tower and were never PAID.





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