True Prophecies of Nostradamus

True Prophecies Nostradamus

cover-600True Prophecies Of Nostradamus

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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Can it be the LOST PROPHECIES of Nostradamus have been found and now his words can actually be properly translated?

Yes, it’s true, The TRUE PROPHECIES of Nostradamus have been found and they were found in a book with a title page that many Nostradamus commentators referred to for almost 400 years. Yet for the past 60 or so years modern commentators refused to believe that it actually existed. In fact the refusal of modern commentators to find the authentic source material for the Quatrains has resulted in a copious mass of excreta being published that parades itself as Nostradamus Translations. The sad fact is for over 60 years modern translators or commentators of the Prophecies of Nostradamus have all used inferior copies of source material in their work. In fact most have used a copy that this book reveals is an early pirated and unauthorized edition filled with many errors.

For twenty years now the person that owns the true first complete edition of the famous Prophecies of Nostradamus in his private library has been amazing fans of prophecy around the world with his most excellent translations of the Quatrains of Nostradamus that excel pass any other previous translations due to his amazing academic credentials and intelligence and his own proven ability to foresee the future in the same way that Nostradamus did.

So this book is unlike any other book ever written by any translator of the works of Nostradamus or commentator in that it was written by a real modern day Nostradamus. In fact the world media has given the author of this book that very title THE MODERN DAY NOSTRADAMUS.

The book that contains the earliest complete authorized copies of the total Quatrains written by Nostradamus was found in a major European Library and one other copy exists in a famous Private Library of The Modern Nostradamus. We have been allowed to reprint in FULL COLOR FACSIMILE this long lost edition of The TRUE PROPHECIES of Nostradamus in this book from the private library of The Modern Nostradamus.

True Prophecies Of Nostradamus
Dr. Sol Adoni
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