Prophecies of Sollog

Prophecies Sollog

Prophecies Sollog
Prophecies Sollog

Complete Prophecies of Sollog

2016 Edition

By Sollog


High Quality PDF ePub File – Works on all Tablets and Readers

All the famous Prophecies of Sollog are now in one resource.

The 2016 Edition of PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG, contains all the Amazing Sollog Prophecies released since 2002 when the First Edition of The Prophecies of Sollog was first released. This eBook also contains all major Sollog Prophecies from 1995 to 2015.

Sollog’s famous PROPHECIES have been released world-wide over the Internet since 1995. Sollog is so accurate many call him the NEW NOSTRADAMUS. Due to Sollog’s Prophecies being so accurate, he has become one of the most investigated people in the history of the FBI, due to his EXACT HITS on 911 and the OK City bombing!

Sollog’s Prophecies have foretold many recent historic events including, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, the Great Nepal Quake and the Great Haiti Quake, 911, the Great 2004 Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, the Rise of Barack Obama to Power, the Collapse of the World Stock Markets in 2008, many plane crashes including TWA 800 and Flight 3047, the Oklahoma City bombing, the rash of school shootings including Columbine and VA Tech. Sollog’s quake warnings gave exact dates for recent historic killer quakes including the 2004 Great Tsunami and the Great 2008 China Quake.

Sollog’s Prophecies also clearly predicted the DEATHS of Princess Diana and JFK Jr. Sollog’s hurricane prophecies foretold how hurricanes would destroy both New Orleans and Galveston. HE NAMED THOSE CITIES DIRECTLY in his Prophecy! The recent World Stock Collapse and Raise of Barack Obama in Power were clearly foretold in his Prophecy known as Xmas 2007. Sollog’s famous Prophecies were TIME STAMPED by companies like GOOGLE to PROVE he knows the future…

One thing is for certain, when you OWN this book, you will be able to go back to it’s pages when new events happen and SEE THE EVENTS were in the book! Sollog’s books are ONLY available as eBook Downloads. You can read them with Adobe’s Acrobat eBook Reader. You can also PRINT out the eBook and read it on paper.

Owning this book makes it easy to find the famous SOLLOG PROPHECIES that are all archived with TIME STAMPS by companies like Google.


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Prophecies of Sollog
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