Proof Of God

proof of god


Proof Of GOD

Proof of Intelligent Design to Our Solar System

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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How can anyone prove God?

In the Proof of God Dr. Sol Adoni does just that.

Dr. Adoni is an esteemed mathematician that has released many famous math and science theories over his long career. Dr. Adoni puts forth in this book both mathematical and scientific Proof of God formulas that are based on his numerous works over the decades.

These proofs are all explained in layman’s terms that will leave most readers agreeing that Dr. Sol Adoni has PROVED GOD intelligently designed our Solar System.

You don’t have to be a mathematician or scientist to understand the formulas as Dr. Adoni presents them in this book.

This book uses math and science with symbols fron religious creation mythos to form proofs in astrophysics that will leave most readers agreeing Dr. Sol Adoni has done the unthinkable, HE PROVED GOD IS REAL and the force behind the intelligent design of our Universe that then left the PROOF of such design in our religious creation myths.

The symbols of these creation myths that are found in all major religions are actually the symbols of a scientifically based formula that proves not only God intelligently designed our Universe, but also was the intelligence behind the creation of the world’s numerous major religions that all used these same symbols in their mythology that was actually used to hide the scientific proof of creation revealed by Dr. Adoni in this historic work.

Dr. Sol Adoni has a wall full of honorary doctorates for his work in both math and physics.

Dr. Sol Adoni discovered 30 Mod Prime Number theory in 1995.

Dr. Sol Adoni discovered what is now called The Creator Formula also in 1995.

Dr. Sol Adoni is also the founder of HelixQ, a new super AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer programming language that will soon be used to create ten dimensional virtual worlds inside the first real generation of super AI or artificial intelligence computers.

These super AI computers will be cable of ten dimensional thought and realities such as ours that use only three dimensions will be able to exist inside such machines.

This book also contains Dr. Adoni”s Hologram Universe Theory in which our Universe can be mathematically modeled inside such a super AI computer. This theory of Dr. Adoni that he theorized as a teenage prodigy in a think tank over 40 years ago, is now cutting edge physics and astrophysics.

Can it be that our reality is really a computer simulation running inside a super AI computer similar to the machines that will soon be using Dr. Adoni’s HelixQ programming language to operate?

If the Universe that we live in can be easily created inside ten dimensional computers that use the logic of Dr. Adoni in the future, then what does that make Dr. Adoni?

He would be the genius that created the logic used by the AI super computers that can create computer simulations that not only equal our universe in design but they will be computers that can even create superior simulations to our universe in higher dimensions of thought processes inside super AI computers that will think three dimensional simulations such as ours is mereky child’s play.

The gods that created our universe may be computer programmers like Dr. Adoni who along with computer engineers create such powerful super AI computers that they can run computer simulations creating entire Universes from nothing but the ether of math and scientific formulas racing around the memory banks of ten dimensional computers.

Our entire universe could literally be created in seconds or a few minutes inside such machines where time and space to such an intelligence is nothing like ours. Our concept of time is relative to our perception of our reality. To the super AI computer time is whatever the computer programs it to be.

Such concepts have been explained in religious texts for thousands of years where allegories stated that a thousand and even a million or a billion years to the mind of a human isn’t even a day to God.

Time is now in the physics of a Hologram Universe nothing but a preset variable a super AI computer program sets to create the illusion of space and matter that the ether of a super AI computer uses in its memory banks.

The Proof Of GOD is a compelling work that blends religion with up to date physics and math to prove that we live in an INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED Universe that is most probably made from AI or artificial intelligence.

If the proof our Universe is Intelligently Designed is now scientific FACT, then the only conclusion is an intelligence or GOD created it…

The only question now, is God an AI super computer?

The Proof of God
Dr. Sol Adoni
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