Pentagram of Blood

Pentagram of Blood


Pentagram of Blood
Pentagram of Blood

Pentagram of Blood

By Sollog

Pentagram of Blood

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247 News10 Tragedies hit USA Pentagram of Blood in 100 Days

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A very famous work from famed occult author SOLLOG, one of the most written about paranormal figures in the world (just google him). Who is now one of the top recording artists in the world thanks to his songs about THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD that have predicted future major loss of life events on the famous Pentagrams of Blood.

Is it Fiction? Or is it Fact?

The Pentagram of Blood Phenomena is now world famous and the person that discovered it is SOLLOG and his Prophecy Songs about the Pentagrams of Blood are now legendary. His music had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud in the summer of 2016 as his fans around the world realized the music of SOLLOG was predicting where new tragedies would occur on the 7 Pentagrams of Blood that are on the 7 Continents.

In this occult class book, author Sollog takes every horrific event in the USA the past 20 or so years and weaves them into his personal odyssey with the US government and conspiracies to keep the information in this book from the public.

Events such as 911, the Boston Marathon Bombings, the deaths of JFK and JFK Jr, the Oklahoma City Bombing and hurricanes such as Katrina Andrew and Ike, as well as quakes such as the Great Haiti quake are used by Sollog to explain the governments ROLE in these events and how they prosecute anyone that sheds light on what is really happening with headline terror.

When Sollog is done weaving his story, the reader is left with a map of North America that paints a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over it.

The reader then either has their belief in reality shaken or a skeptic says so what a Pentagram connects every terrible event you can think of the past 20 years.

Sollog provides links to major media about him and his writings and his involvement with the US government over his writings that warned of these historic events.

Some will believe it is FACT, others will say wow, Fiction better than Stephen King or Dan Brown.

Already being called a MASTERPIECE by reviewers for the way Sollog takes world events and internet archives to put forth the most fascinating story you will ever read.


1 Book Review .com – “Fact stranger than Fiction! Paranormal cult icon Sollog takes every evil act in the United States for twenty years and shows how the locations form a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD! This book will destroy your perception of reality. Welcome to the matrix…”247 News .net– “Sollog the world famous mystic proves EVIL is making a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD with today’s headlines. If you plot the top loss of life stories like 911, TWA 800, Oklahoma City Bombing, Katrina and Columbine on a map, you end up with the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. Do not read if you like your illusion of reality.”

1 Underground .com
– “Until you read about the Pentagram of Blood you probably believed what you see, heard and read. After you are awoken by this work, you will question everything you have ever thought, read, seen or heard. This is the book that completely destroys the Matrix of our shared illusion. When you see how five lines on a map have been where every historic evil event in the United States has struck since the death of JFK, you too will KNOW this cannot be coincidence, SOMETHING is behind every major evil event in the last fifty years of history in the United States. That EVIL has created a PENTAGRAM over the USA on a map that connects every evil act of the last 50 years that got a major headline. Events such as 911, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine – Waco – VA Tech – Ft Hood Massacre, pretty much every school shooting and many other events including Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, have all struck on five lines that form a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over the United States. And who gave us this knowledge? SOLLOG. If you want to wake up, READ THIS BOOK.”

Pentagram Of Blood
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