omgasmsgold-600OMGASMS The Orgasm of Orgasms

By Eros Adonis

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The famous sexual guru Eros Adonis who is called Master by females all over the world since he has personally taught them the art of the OM ORGASM known as OMGASMS is now sharing his astral energy and crystal enhanced orgasm techniques so females all over the world can now experience what the students of Eros Adonis have known for years.

Omgasms are the Orgasm of all Orgasms.

Eros Adonis has traveled the astral realm for decades with his ancient Om meditation techniques and he has bought back from the Akashic Record amazing new laws in both mathematics and physics.
Eros Adonis has also amazed his fans around the world with his astral psychic abilities by predicting exact details of the future before it occurs.

Now psychic master and sexual guru Eros Adonis reveals what he discovered years ago in his own astral travels as to a special sexual technique that allows females who use the Eros Adonis Omgasm techniques. Females all over the world can now experience OMGASMS. The fact is OMGASMS are what females are universally calling THE ORGASM OF ORGASMS.

Eros Adonis
sexuality, sex, spirituality, adult
Adoni Publishing
February 2015





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