New Hope Coven The Awakening Book 1

New Hope Coven Book I Awakening

New Hope Coven Book I Awakening

New Hope Coven Book I Awakening

New Hope Coven

The Awakening Book 1

By Nikkee

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This is Book 1 of the New Hope Coven Series. It is titled THE AWAKENING and it details the life of Gabriella Sollog, a beautiful teen witch coming of age in her New Hope Coven.

New Hope Coven; is a series of Novels that detail the family line of beautiful women born ??? into a family of witches that share a unique curse.

New Hope is a real town located just outside of present day Philadelphia with a long history of occult connections. Real witches live in New Hope, there are Covens wholesale NBA jerseys in New Hope, and many practice both The white and black magic in the beautiful area of New Hope.

The New Hope Coven novels detail the lives of five generations of beautiful women all born into the Sollog family, all of whom had only one child, and each child born to a Sollog woman Motivation is a beautiful female, cursed to bear another beautiful female as a young teen mother all by herself.

The reason is simple; every male who falls in love with a Sollog woman dies a sudden death.

That is the curse of the Sollog family of witches.


1 eBooks¬† – “Nikkee’s prose is extraordinary … often she dazzles you with rhythmic sentences that are literally beautiful poetry in her descriptions…”

1 Book Review .com – “Nikkee’s Novels may soon make her the Anne Rice of Witches. Her words sparkle like the morning dew of a new day…”


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New Hope Coven – The Awakening
New Hope Coven
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