Lost Ancient Civilizations

Lost Ancient Civilizations

Lost Ancient Civilizations
Lost Ancient Civilizations

Lost Ancient Civilizations

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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Explore the Lost Ancient Civilizations

New archaeological evidence shows that major Lost Ancient Civilizations existed all over the world.

Ancient Pyramid structures have recently been found in Bosnia that dwarfs the Great Pyramid of Giza and another huge ancient pyramid has been found in West Java that being Mount Lalakon which is close to an ancient megalithic site in Java as well.

The Gobekli Tepe structures show advanced monolithic building techniques existed on earth thousands of years before Sumer existed.

Lost monolithic structures and long lost cities such as the legendary city of Dwarka in the Gulf of Cambay in India are being found around the world where ancient coastlines of earth would have been located 10,000 B.C.E..

New ancient circles similar to Stonehenge are being found in areas such as Arkaim Russia.

The largest megalithic stones ever found were recently found in Gornay Shoria Russia.

Lost ancient cities that are radioactive suggest ancient atomic wars on earth occurred exactly as ancient religious texts from India state.

Everything you were taught about ancient civilizations is wrong.



Lost Ancient Civilizations
Dr. Sol Adoni
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