Jesus Is Not God

Jesus Is Not God

Jesus Is Not God
Jesus Is Not God

Jesus Is Not God

The Biblical Truth

By Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni

AKA Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni

2016 Version Includes the Famous Sollog Prophecies

High Quality PDF ePub File – Works on all Tablets and Readers

Exactly what did Jesus claim to be?

That’s the subject of this book by Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni aka Sollog a world renown writer on the Origins of Theology. Rabbi Sollog takes on the Divinity of Jesus Christ and PROVES the Bible clearly states JESUS IS NOT GOD. Using the own words of Jesus.

Imam’s often quote from this book by Rabbi Sollog that destroys the concept of the Trinity as put forth by Rome.

The contradictions of the Bible are examined and the controversial prophecies of Rabbi Sollog are also put forth in this amazing work. Yes Sollog is a world famous modern day PROPHET and his Prophecies have been correctly predicting major quakes and tsunami’s as well as every major plane crash and act of terrorism around the world for over 20 years.

If you really want to destroy your beliefs in Christianity, THIS IS A MUST READ.

Great information to debate any Christian on, as to exactly what Jesus claimed to be in his own words.





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