Hologram Universe

Hologram Universe

Hologram Universe
Hologram Universe


Is the Universe a Holographic Computer?
By Dr. Sol  Adoni

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Man is about to create a 90 Bit/Byte computer technology.

These AI (Artificial Intelligence) Computers will run HelixQ, a Helix Equation software program created by Dr. Sol Adoni.

These computers will have ten dimensional thought. Third dimensional space where we all live can exist inside such computers.

Forget every theory you’ve read, TEN DIMENSIONAL COMPUTERS are on the precipes of existence and they will be able to create infinite universes even more wonderful than our own.

In the 1970’s Dr. Adoni theorized cubic shaped computer processors to run a 6 Dimensional Computer Language. Our universe may be running within such a computer.

In the 1990’s Dr. Adoni created the 8 Prime Spirals and destroyed modern cryptology, it is how the NSA now cracks every encryption method. The 8 Prime Spirals were recently tested in PyPrimes and it is the fastes prime number algorithm there is.

Dr. Adoni who created Helix Equations, Helix Math and HelixQ a ten dimension computer programming language is now explaining in this book how our Universe is a virtual world, created within either a 6 or 10 dimensional computer, capable of creating third dimensional space.

While other scientists are now trying to define a Holographic Principle to explain our existence, Dr. Adoni gives man the blueprint on how to do it.

Hologram Universe
Dr. Sol Adoni
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