Columbine Massacre

Columbine Massacre

Columbine Massacre
Columbine Massacre

Columbine Massacre

The Columbine School Shooting
By D.E. Alexander
The Columbine School Shooting was a terrible event.

Since 1995 US School Shootings have been frequent occurrences. Investigative Journalist D.E. Alexander, the award winning author for his 911 Warning Book, takes a fresh look at the rash of US School Shootings the past 20 or so years and he says something is going on that the US Government KNOWS about and the US Mainstream media is hiding.

This book brings to light a case in a US Federal Court house from 1995 and 1996, where a now famous person SUED THE US SECRET SERVICE for harassing him in 1995, and he put exact details where this rash of US School Shootings would occur.

Sometimes FACT is stranger than fiction.

More disturbing is how most of these shootings have struck on two straight lines on a map of the United States and these two lines are part of a bigger scheme since there are five lines that connect every evil act in the United States you can think of the past 25 or so years, that just happen to always hit only five lines.

More sinister yet, these FIVE LINES form what is now known all over the Net as THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Court documents from 1995 and 1996 show that a now famous person warned of these events and the lines and how they would be signs before the United States is DESTROYED by various acts of God.

The same case in 1995 warned of the destruction of New Orleans by a Hurricane almost ten years to the date it then occurred.

Why haven’t you heard about this before?

It seems the reason the US government has a lid on the media reporting this is due to how details of these events are in a case in US Federal Court where the information was placed between 1995 and 1996.

Read the book, and look around the Net and you will find UNDERGROUND MEDIA reports on this topic that the mainstream media won’t touch.

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