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Chi Iota Sigma

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True Number of the Beast

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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For centuries the Number of the Beast has been incorrectly given as Chi Xi Digamma.

The image on this site is the oldest fragment in the world of Revelations 13:18 from the  Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum archive of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri dig and it proves the true Number of the Beast was Chi Iota Sigma, if they are Greek Letters at all.

The ground breaking info in the book Chi Iota Sigma The True Number of the Beast reveals that 666 cannot be the number of the Beast. A new number in Greek Gematria is given in this book, as well as a totally new possibility that these letters may be a simple Roman Numeral code for a name JESUS GAVE as to whom Jesus claimed was Lucifer in Luke 10:18.

In the newest book from the pen of  the esteemed academic and author the Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni it is revealed what scholars have mistaken for centuries that the True Number of the Beast is not 666.

For centuries there has been academic debate over if 666 is the correct number. Even St. Jerome who authored the Latin Vulgata over 1600 years ago used a different number than 666. However, the Roman Church was greatly influenced by St. Irenaeus and ended up using 666. Recent archaeological finds have found the oldest fragments of scripture for Revelations 13:18 as see in the images on this site and the first scholar to say the correct letters were Chi Iota Sigma is Dr. Sol Adoni. The ancient Greek Sigma was a letter that looked similar to our modern letter C, and as you can see in the images on this site. It is only academics whose ancient incorrect religious dogma  insist that the letter that represents our modern letter C is a digamma and not what it was really, that being the ancient Greek letter for a Sigma.

The first theologian to correctly translate these three letters in modern times as Chi Iota Sigma was the Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni. Unbiased academics around the world that have no real theological dogmatic prejudices in giving a correct translation of these ancient characters are agreeing now with Dr. Sol Adoni the true number of the Beast is Chi Iota Sigma.

In 1995 Dr. Adoni formed The Temple of ‘Hayah as the Temple with the true name of God given to Moses, that being ‘Hayah. The Temple of ‘Hayah now has well over 100,000 members all over the world. Now Dr. Sol Adoni has stunned the world with his revelation that the true number of the Beast is Chi Iota Sigma. Dr. Adoni even goes further in his book and explains that these 3 famous letters may not be Greek at all but a simple Roman Numeral code, since Roman Numerals were the dominant number system at the time of Christ.

In Chi Iota Sigma The True Number of the Beast is an amazing argument put forth by Dr. Adoni that these three letters that would be Chi Iota Sigma in Ancient Greek letters may not be Greek letters at all. At the time of Christ Greek was the language of communication and religious texts, but the coinage or money in this era was actually controlled by Rome since Rome was the world empire in this era. So Roman Numerals were the most common way to refer to numbers in this era.

It may be the actual numbers in these three letters are simple ROMAN NUMERALS. If you view this number in reverse as Roman Numerals the letters CIX appear which would be 109 in the most common numbering system in use at the time of Christ that being Roman Numerals. In Hebrew the number 109 in Kabbalah is understood to mean a word that Jesus actually stated was the exact name of Lucifer in Luke 10:18. So Dr. Sol Adoni is the first theologian to reveal a direct connection to the words of Jesus as to who Lucifer was in Luke 10:18 and that name in Hebrew has the numerical value of 109 which is CIX or XIC in reverse. Since Hebrew is read right to left, it makes perfect sense that the Roman Numerals for 109 is in reverse or code. So Dr. Adoni now has shown TWO DIRECT BIBLICAL CONNECTIONS to a name that is in fact the name of the most powerful man in the world today

That true number and name of the Beast will shock the world. Already hailed as the REAL DAVINCI CODE by book reviewers around the world, the book Chi Iota Sigma The True Number of the Beast by Dr. Sol Adoni will change the past 1800 years of theology to now give the world the true number and name of the Beast.

The scariest part of this book is that the name of the Beast revealed by Dr. Sol Adoni is in fact THE NAME of the most powerful man on earth today…

Chi Iota Sigma True Number of the Beast
Dr. Sol Adoni, Sollog
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