Anunnaki Conspiracy

anunnaki conspiracy

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Anunnaki Conspiracy

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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A-NUN-NA is the ancient Sumerian word that most authors and scholars mistranslate into Anunnaki. It does not mean gods or the great gods as Assyriologists and ancient astronaut theorists mislead the public into believing.

Dr. Sol Adoni has authored over 100 books in his long distinguished academic career and he has numerous honorary doctorates in math, physics, law, ancient languages and religion. Dr. Sol Adoni explains the real etymological meaning of A-NUN-NA in his latest book titled ANUNNAKI CONSPIRACY.

In Anunnaki Conspiracy Dr. Sol Adoni discusses lost ancient civilizations and lost ancient technology as well as cutting edge future technology that explains why technologically earth based civilizations are often destroyed due to natural phenomena.

Dr. Adoni discovered the 30 Mod Prime Algorithm in 1995 and it has been recently proven to be the fastest way to generate prime numbers on a computer. He also theorized PDF Planetary Distance Formula which NASA has confirmed as being correct with recent discoveries in our own solar system.

Read about recent discoveries such as Göbekli Tepe and the Bosnian Pyramids that are rewriting human history without ancient astronauts.

Included are chapters from Hologram Universe also written by Dr. Sol Adoni, in which the near future of multi-dimensional computers are not only theorized but the blue prints to do it is given by Dr. Adoni.


Anunnaki Conspiracy Anunna
Dr. Sol Adoni
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